Buckingham Student Storage Hacks

Date 09.03.2020

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As we head into spring and summer Buckingham University approaches exam week. It's a well-known fact that tidiness, (or lack of it), can affect your mind and body. So, to foster the right environment for study now is a good time to get your working space shipshape. Organisation skills can be tricky when you're living in halls or a shared house, with just a bedroom to call your own. To help you out we thought we'd share some of our favourite student storage hacks.

Student Storage Hacks:

What lies beneath...

No, not some second rate horror movie! But a reminder to use your under-bed space for storage. Make use of these handy IKEA containers designed to perfectly fit under a bed. They come with a lid so you can protect your belongings from dust and dirt.

Store in your suitcase:

Don't leave your suitcase sitting empty on top of the wardrobe. Instead, fill it with out-of-season clothes that you don't need immediate access to.

Vertical limits:

Believe us when we say walls are underutilised. We get that you're reluctant to hang shelves and face the wrath of a landlord who might dock your deposit. But, that doesn't mean your vertical limits should be curbed, just look for the products developed with student storage hacks in mind. A Google search for no-drill or stick-on shelves will give you plenty of options.

Doubling your desk space:

Your desk is where the magic happens, so, it's the right place to double down on your organisation. Can't afford dedicated draw dividers? An old kitchen cutlery tray will do the same job and cost a fraction of the price. You might even find a spare one lying about at home.

Most importantly, visit the Bears!

Our Buckingham self-storage site is the perfect student storage hack! We won't tie you into long-term contracts. Our founders were students themselves so they appreciate the solutions you need. If you're looking for joint options as a group who shares one house or if you need a pickup and drop off service we can always tailor our services to help. Contact us HERE.

Buckingham Student Storage Hacks

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