Tips from an expert. Spring cleaning and self-storage

Date 08.04.2019

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With the bluebells just popping their heads above ground in the woodland near our Petersfield self-storage facility it seems clear that spring has finally arrived! It's customary at this time of year to carry out a little spring cleaning. With that in mind, we wanted to share some tips to help you get ship shape and tickety boo. So we went to one of the best advisers in the business, Sarah at Lemon Sparkle Cleaning. Sarah has a domestic and commercial cleaning business based in the Buckinghamshire area. Operating throughout Buckingham, Aylesbury, Bicester and the surrounding villages.

Q: What extra jobs should be considered as part of a deep spring clean, that might not be part of a weekly cleaning routine?

At Lemon Sparkle Cleaning we are very much customer led, so will work to individual requirements. That said, some basic spring cleaning tasks might include;

  • Kitchen: The tops of the kitchen wall cupboards, as well as the edges and trims of cupboard doors, and door handles. Clear the cupboards and clean inside. Clean kickboards. Clean all wall tiles.
  • Bathrooms: Clean all tiles ceiling to floor, descale taps and shower head, and all surfaces that have limescale build up. Clean away mould where possible.
  • Bedrooms, lounge, dining room, hall, stairs, landings, conservatory: Clear and clean under beds, refresh the mattresses and turn them over, move furniture that can be moved safely and clean skirtings behind and hoover beneath.
  • Throughout: Clean all internal windows and doors, paintwork, disinfect light switches and sockets, skirting boards, de-cobweb.
  • Extras: Clean all kitchen appliances, including the fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher.

What should be in any essential spring-cleaning tool kit?

A good quality descaler/limescale remover, mould remover and sugar soap. These are all useful cleaning products. However, if you're trying to stay away from chemicals and be more environmentally friendly hot soapy water with the right cleaning equipment can be just as effective.

How important is it to declutter as part of a spring clean?

It is a crucial part of the clean. Dust and dirt buildup get into the smallest of spaces. The more you declutter before you clean, the better the result of the clean.

How can homeowners develop good cleaning habits throughout the year so that the deep spring clean doesn’t become a seasonal chore?

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be one big clean, once a year. You can create a cleaning schedule so that a different room gets a full spring clean every month. Or try splitting the house into sections. Do a 'thorough' clean upstairs one week or month and downstairs the next.

What is your #1 tip for spring cleaning?

It might seem obvious, but I would have to say start your spring clean by cleaning the equipment that you intend to use. Hoovers, steamers and cobwebbers all need a clean occasionally. Also, gather as many clean, fresh cloths as you can.

Does your firm offer a spring-cleaning service, and what is included?

We offer a bespoke service to our customers, so it’s very much about the customer and what they would like us to do. A typical spring clean would generally include most of the tasks listed in question one as standard. We also offer the option of extra appliance cleaning.

Do businesses need to spring clean too?

Yes, definitely. Where there are people, there is dust, where there is dust there is dirt.

How can self-storage help during or after a seasonal clean?

We never seem to have enough storage in our homes, but we all have things that we only use occasionally and don’t want to discard. Self-storage units are indispensable when it comes to having a clear out at home or in the office. They are also useful for storing seasonal items that would otherwise be cluttering up your lovely clean home or office.

If you enjoyed reading these tips, why not show Sarah and the crew at Lemon Sparkle cleaning some ❤️? Head to their Facebook page and give them a thumbs up! Planning your spring cleaning? Talk to Blue Bear self-storage in Buckingham or Petersfield about how we can help you make space in your life.

Tips from an expert. Spring cleaning and self-storage

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