Self-Storage Myths Debunked

02 Feb 2020 - posted by James Jackson-Stops

At Blue Bear Self-Storage we’re aware that there are a number of myths around our industry. Specifically when it comes to container storage. So as good citizens of storage we thought we’d do our civic duty and dispel some self-storage myths!

Three Self-Storage Myths Debunked:

Isn’t self-storage expensive?

We’re the first to agree that self-storage can be a tad pricey. But… Not always!

In 2016 when looking for storage space ourselves, we were amazed at the quotes coming our way from companies in the traditionally recognised self-storage sector. This was the whole premise behind the founding of our business. We wanted to offer alternative and affordable solutions. That’s why we adopted the concept of containerised self-storage.

We currently have three sites, Buckingham, Petersfield and Corby. Both Buckingham and Petersfield are attractive to London-based customers, who because of their inner-city location, invariably pay over the odds for self-storage.

Aren’t the containers used for storage, mucky, old and generally in the middle of a field?

Definitely not! All of our steel shipping containers are clean, dry, ventilated and new when brought to our sites. Initially designed to weather the gravest storms at sea all our containers are watertight and each one is modified to provide fantastic ventilation which ensures a steady airflow and stable temperature, so no moisture or condensation inside if that was a concern.

We also won’t make you trudge across mucky fields to access your belongings. In fact, you just drive right up to the doors, unload or pick up and drive off.

All our sites have security fences and CCTV, security lights and coded gates restricting access to Blue Bear customers and staff only. The steel containers are incredibly robust and secure; they also have a steel lockbox over the padlocks to provide a further level of protection.

Surely it’s only hoarders and people who buy too much stuff that need self-storage?

This is one self-storage myth we’d very much like to debunk.

Self-storage is always useful for residential customers who find themselves at transitionary periods in life. They might be downsizing, making room for a new family arrival, or moving in with a loved one. Perhaps they are in the exciting process of finding a new home and need a little temporary space.

But, we also serve a business community. From entrepreneurs who have started their own business right through to professionals who need space to store archives and files. Our good friends at RUGGEDSTOCK are a perfect example of a fledgeling business that is making excellent use of self-storage. Check out this post from the archives for the full story.

Looking for self-storage solutions? We can help! Contact us today to book your container in Petersfield, Buckingham or Corby.


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