Feeling stuffed? Find extra space with storage

01 Jan 2020 - posted by James Jackson-Stops

Well, that’s it… The festive season is done and dusted for another year. It’s not unusual to start the New Year feeling full up, and we’re not just talking about the number of turkey sandwiches you may have eaten. If dealing with demanding guests and seasonal stress has left you feeling anxious, then we may be able to help. Did you know that self-storage can help you find extra space in more ways than one?

Feeling stressed? Find extra (head) space with storage:

There’s no doubt about it clutter is bad for your brain. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that it can trigger physiological responses, including increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Marie Kondo advocates that you should only keep items that spark joy, but what if you have a treasure trove of happy memories and nowhere to keep them? Thankfully, we can help. Our storage solutions will help you find the extra space you need for your joy to overflow!

Three ways that clearing the clutter improves your mental health:

Finding Focus:

It’s a fact… Clutter can curtail your concentration. When your space is over-stuffed your focus flounders. So do yourself a favour, especially if you’re working from home, invest in some extra space with Blue Bear Self Storage. You’ll find that clearing the space around you will also clear your mind.

Take a (Healthy) Breath:

If you’ve downloaded the Headspace App in a bid to be more mindful in 2020, you’ll know the importance of breathing. But before you breathe too deeply, be sure to clear the decks. Clutter collects dust and dust collects mites. So, find some extra space to help you breathe more freely. Talk to us about storage.

Sleep Soundly:

If you’ve had too many late nights over the festive season, you’re probably longing to get back into your eight hours a night routine. But clutter could cut your rest short. People who sleep in cluttered rooms are┬ámore likely┬áto have sleep problems. So, if you’re having trouble dropping off, or find you frequently wake in the night, find more snoreage space with the bears!

If you’re looking for extra (head) space we can help you jump for joy! Contact us today to book your storage container in Petersfield, Buckingham or Corby.

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