Dry Self-Storage – How Grafotherm helps.

07 Jul 2020 - posted by James Jackson-Stops

At Blue Bear self-storage, we promise market-leading prices without compromising on service or quality. One of the questions our clients most frequently ask is whether our self-storage containers keep goods dry. Our answer is always, yes! But, because we know how important this is we’re investing, even more, at our sites at Buckingham, Petersfield and Corby. We now use an insulating coating, Grafotherm, to offer you even more assurances around dry self-storage containers.

Dry Self-Storage – How Grafotherm helps:

Firstly, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of goods that arrive in the UK from overseas, come in shipping containers. These containers are, by their very nature, perfectly and purposely designed to be the ultimate weatherproof storage unit!

At Blue Bear, all of our self-storage units are modified shipping containers. These containers are all delivered new to our sites in Buckingham, Petersfield and Corby. Each container has a vent providing continuous airflow, they are also waterproof, offering dry self-storage. But, for extra reassurance, we coat the inside of our containers with Grafotherm.

What is Grafotherm?

Grafotherm is an insulating coating that prevents heat loss, therefore maintaining a higher ambient temperature inside the container. If moisture does form on the inside of a container, Grafotherm absorbs it.

The insulating coating works hand-in-hand with the vents in our containers, relying on cyclic drying to release any condensation. That’s good news for you, and even better news for the goods you are storing!

Do all self-storage companies coat containers with Grafotherm?

The short answer is no. Applying a market-leading product is an investment. But, as a young and dynamic company, we believe the benefits we can offer our customers outweigh the costs of coating our containers with this product.

If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for dry self-storage at our Buckingham, Petersfield or Corby site, contact us HERE.

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