Self-Storage Packing Perfectly

Date 09.09.2020

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We're confident that our container storage solutions generally offer savings of up to 75% against conventional self-storage operators. So booking a unit at our Petersfield, Corby or Buckingham site will generally ensure your bank account is happy. But invest five minutes of your time in reading this article, and you could save you even more. Because today we're sharing a host of self-storage packing tips!

Self-Storage Packing Perfectly and Saving:

Saving Your Sanity

Let's not beat about the bush, moving house, or office premises is stressful. So, take a few simple steps to save your sanity and carry out a little preparatory work before you even begin your self-storage packing. There's nothing like a bit of list-making to help you feel organised. It's like a Sharpie pen, and large Post-it pad come bearing calm! So, start with an inventory list. Identify the contents of each carton you pack and number that carton. So, once your goods are tucked in their storage haven, you'll be able to get to a specific item quickly.

Saving Space

Stacking is your storage friend. So, wherever possible use self-storage packing boxes of the same size. This will make it easier for you to stack safely. If you're storing larger pieces of furniture like sofas and mattresses, store these on their ends. And if you're storing on a longer-term basis, it could be worth investing in some metal shelves to keep your container super organised.

Always start filling your container around the outside walls leaving yourself space to move around. This is particularly important if you've booked one of our large 20ft  containers at Petersfield, Corby or Buckingham, you never know when you might need to get something at the back!


Saving Your Belongings

Our containers are modified shipping containers and completely waterproof with vents providing continuous airflow. So, when you store with us, your goods are in safe hands. But there are a few extra things you can do to ensure items remain in tip-top condition when stored. Firstly, make sure you put them into your container in tip-top shape. Always clean furniture and household goods before storing. Then use dust sheets or specifically designed protective covers for items like mattresses.

Make sure fragile items like mirrors and pictures are well-wrapped in suitable materials to keep them safe. And if you're storing clothes do read this article from our archives where we share some tips from an expert.

Saving the Planet

Self-storage packing invariably requires packing materials. There are some environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic and bubble wrap available. But most importantly, we encourage you to reuse and recycle packing materials wherever you can.

Ready to book a container at one of our sites? Talk to us about storing your goods in Petersfield, Buckingham or Corby.

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