Self-Storage, Selling your Property & Moving House

Date 01.11.2018

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Are you listing your house for sale or moving house over the coming months? Apart from contacting your friendly estate agent and legal eagle... There's another phone number you should add to your contacts list. It's time to talk to your local self-storage company. And, if you're in Buckingham or Petersfield that would, of course, be Blue Bear Self-Storage.

But why the need to consider self-storage before you sell?

To get the low-down we spoke to property expert, Quentin Jackson-Stops, FRICS, Partner at Jackson-Stops Estate Agents.


Q: When it comes to moving house, it seems that 'Preparation' is more than just a buzzword. What preparations should people consider?

A: Preparation is vitally important. Organising when you will be moving, where you will be moving to, how you will move your possessions, are all key considerations.

Q: Can self-storage be a helpful solution?

A: Absolutely. Often people want to do work on their new property, and it is impractical to move in straight away. In these cases, possessions and household effects will need to be stored for the interim period. There are other scenarios when self-storage could be a necessity. A seller or buyer may be part of a chain and external factors such as delays during the legal process can occasionally knock a seamless move out of sync. I would always recommend preparing for these events, speak to removal companies and self-storage providers to find suitable, cost-effective solutions in case they are needed. Moving is often a stressful situation, and contingency plans will undoubtedly reduce stress levels.

Q: Why is it so important in the current market to take time to prepare a home for sale?

A: I wouldn't say that market conditions are particularly relevant. I always recommend that vendors take time to prepare their property. My advice is to do everything they can to make it look as attractive as possible. A potential buyer's first impressions are vitally important. Decisions on whether to make an offer and the amount of that offer, are directly related to the buyer's initial feelings. There is no doubt that simple things like cleaning, redecorating and gardening can help a house not just sell but achieve its best possible price. Decluttering and removing larger items that take up space, is an absolute necessity. Often people move house because they are outgrowing their current arrangements. They are looking for a home that gives them additional space. Viewing a home that is chock-full of somebody else's belongings will not provide a great first impression. Self-storage is a wonderful solution for sellers who are decluttering.

Q: Are there any other benefits for the vendor in decluttering?

A: Selling a family home can be an emotional time. The process of decluttering and sorting through belongings can help to prepare the vendor for the move. When a vendor begins to see their house changing, by packing away or storing items, it becomes less of a home. You start to cut your emotional ties.

Q: In what other situations could house buyers or sellers benefit from self-storage?

A: Older generations downsizing often want to keep hold of furniture for family members so there would be obvious benefits to them. Furniture like most things works in cycles so what might not be popular now could easily come back into fashion in the future.

If you're moving house and need to begin the all-important preparations, then contact us. Our self-storage facilities in Buckingham and Petersfield have long-term and short-term availability.

Self-Storage, Selling your Property & Moving House

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