Self Storage – Winter is coming to Buckingham & Petersfield

Date 11.09.2018

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There may be a promise of an Indian summer but let's not forget that winter is only a couple of short months away. It won't be long before you're lighting the fire and reaching for the rugs. At Blue Bear Self Storage based in Buckingham and Petersfield, we can help take the edge off of winter's arrival.

Seasonal self storage is an excellent solution for those of you who don't have a lot of space at home but want to be clutter free and organised in the winter months.

Here is a list of items that you could consider placing in our Buckingham or Petersfield self storage facilities over the upcoming months.
  • Garden Furniture & Barbecues

    Give your garden furniture a treat this winter. Fed up of spending money on expensive covers that all too often blow away in a strong northerly. This year invest in self storage space instead. When you pull out your steamer chair next year, it will be pristine. Top Tips: If you have teak or wooden furniture, do follow the manufacturer's guidelines. If appropriate, give it a coat of oil before storing. Make sure your barbecue is super clean before storage.

  • Garden Equipment

    The grass might not stop growing altogether in the colder months, but it will grow more slowly. If you don't want the mower cluttering up your garage or garden shed, then ship it off site and use self storage instead. If you usually leave your garden equipment outside in the summer, then winter is a time to invest in self storage, as you don't want expensive tools to rust or weather.

  • Bikes, boats and boots

    It's been a marvellous summer for mountain biking, sailing and hiking. But, if you're a fairweather outdoor pursuits enthusiast and you don't do winter sports, it's time to pack your kit away. Spend winter weekends cosied up by the fire, with the knowledge that your bikes, boats and boots are safely tucked away at Blue Bear Self Storage in Buckingham or Petersfield.

  • Clothes and linen

    If wardrobe and cupboard space is limited, it makes sense to swap your clothing and linen in and out of self storage seasonally. Top Tips: Be sure to remove your clothing from metal hangers before storing to avoid damage. Cedar blocks are a great way to protect your clothing while it's in storage. These do the same job as mothballs, but you won't end up smelling like Great Aunt Mildred!

Contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can help you prepare for winter. We have self storage facilities in Petersfield and Buckingham.

Self Storage – Winter is coming to Buckingham & Petersfield

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Self Storage – Winter is coming to Buckingham & Petersfield

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