Moving in Together – A Couples Survival Guide

Date 24.04.2019

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As wedding season approaches, some of you may be saying 'Sayonara' to singledom and stepping over the threshold to your brand new home. Moving in together is a big change. But it should be fun, not fraught with anxiety! So in this blog article, we thought we'd share some practical Blue Bear self-storage tips to help make your life easier for when two households become one!

Moving in Together - 3 Blue Bear Self-Storage Tips for perfect coupledom

1: Money Matters

You only need to follow the latest plot line in The Archers to see how things can go awry if you're not upfront about finances. Moving in together can be a real eye-opener on shared finances as Tom and Natasha have found out! Be sure to lay things on the table, being open and upfront about money matters is vital in any relationship. We believe that there can be such a thing as a cosy night in discussing cash flow and credit scores! And, thankfully at Blue Bear, we can help you minimise some costs. Our container self-storage units are guaranteed to beat conventional storage costs hands down.

2: A space to call your own

Just because you're moving in together, doesn't mean you have to be joined at the hip. Even in a small pad, it's possible to create spaces that you can call your own. It might be a quiet reading nook in the corner of your living space or bedroom. Or it could be a workout space in your garage. Having an area where both of you can relax and take five will ensure moving in together is a breeze. Of course, to create these spaces, it helps to clear the clutter in your life. If you want to hang on to items of furniture for the day you upsize, talk to us about self-storage solutions.

3: Share and share alike

If you've been living the life of a singleton, then be prepared to share. You'll need to learn to go fifty-fifty... From divvying up of household chores to compromising on space from wardrobes to bathrooms. Sneaky storage ideas from the good peeps at IKEA will help you organise the space inside your new pad, but we can help you deal with the overflow. If there just isn't room to keep summer and winter clothes for two in your cupboards then consider storing seasonally. Our smaller self-storage containers are a perfect solution in these circumstances.

Talk to Blue Bear self-storage in Buckingham or Petersfield about how we can help you take steps to perfect coupledom!

Moving in Together – A Couples Survival Guide

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