How do I hire a storage container?

Date 07.12.2021

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If the past year or so has taught us anything, it's that having extra storage space on hand can make a big difference to our lives, whether you're making room to work from home or you're a business owner making the most of the e-commerce boom.

Our wide range of beautiful (well, we think so!), blue shipping containers are a secure, cost-effective storage solution and they're available to rent for any short term or long term period you need.

But let's get to the customer question at the heart of this blog: how do you hire one (or more) of our shipping containers?

Using our shipping container hire service

It couldn't be easier to rent one or more of our shipping containers. First of all, choose your location. We have depots operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year at Corby, Buckingham, Petersfield, Huntingdon and St Ives, so you can always call on your shipping container.

Next, select the size of shipping container you plan to rent. We offer 40 sq ft containers at all our locations except Petersfield, all our depots have 80 sq ft and 160 sq ft containers for hire, while 60 sq ft containers are available for rental at our Huntingdon and St Ives locations.

Contact us to book your shipping container for hire: phone 02039 812900 or get an instant free quote here. You will need proof of ID (a passport or driving licence are perfect) and your credit or debit card details, but you won't need a deposit for your rental.

What happens after your shipping container is booked

Once your shipping container hire has been confirmed, just travel to your chosen location, find your shipping container and fill it up. You can drive up to our ground-floor shipping containers making it a completely hassle-free solution.

If you want to rent more than one shipping container, get in touch with our sales team and they will be happy to arrange additional shipping container hire.

How secure are the storage containers?

Our shipping containers start at 40 sq ft capacity, and may look as if they belong on construction sites but they're solid steel and 100% waterproof (our insurance covers this) and the shipping container units have vents providing continuous air flow throughout.

Although our customers have used our shipping containers to store everything from electrical equipment to furniture, our FAQs menu covers items that are not permitted.

When is my storage container accessible?

All our locations are securely fenced and feature robust anti-vandal measures, including CCTV monitoring and recorded gate opening systems, ensuring the only people who can access the shipping containers from week to week are our customers.

We also supply a high-grade padlock for every shipping container, no matter the unit size, at a cost of £1.20 per week to rent, or you can buy one for £59.

Our exceptionally well-lit locations mean you can safely visit your shipping containers to make a delivery or pick-up, whether its several times per week or twice a year, no matter the time of day or month.

Do I need insurance when using shipping containers for hire?

Yes. We offer competitive insurance cover for the duration of each stay of your shipping containers.

We ask customers who decide not to take that option to provide evidence they have their own insurance cover.

How much is it to rent a storage container?

We offer unbeatable prices at all our sites, with flexible short and longer term contract.

They range from a price of £80 + VAT per calendar month for a 40 sq ft ground-floor container at our Buckingham site, to a cost of £200 + VAT pcm for a 160 sq ft container at Petersfield.

You can get an instant quote for each of our locations menu here.

How long can I hire your shipping containers for?

Our minimum storage duration is one month, but our shipping container hire service offers rolling monthly contracts.

Whether you're a company or an individual, you don't have to sign a lease - we're all about simplicity - all you need is a storage licence to start using our hire container service.

If you end your storage period early, just contact [email protected] and tell our team you want to vacate your shipping container a month ahead of your deadline.

What if I don't live near a Blue Bear depot?

Not everyone lives on the doorstep of a Blue Bear location but if you're still in need of containers for hire from 40ft at a cracking price, we've got an alternative solution: Storage Drop.

Constructed by our team, Storage Drop's flat-pack units are of galvanised steel construction, powder coated to be rust proof and have built-in insulation throughout.

Just like hiring Blue Bear's shipping containers, we offer a range of units for rental, in 48 sq ft (4.47 sq m), 70 sq ft (6.58 sq m) and 94 sq ft (8.7 sq m) sizes.

They can be combined to create bigger storage solutions, and could be ideal for an established business or growing company looking to expand their storage space.

How much does Storage Drop cost?

Rental prices for our flat-pack storage service start at £100.00+VAT per month for a 48 sq ft unit, and you can hire any number of them for as long as you need.

To hire one or a fleet of our storage units call our sales team on 02031 543 127. Tell them which unit you want and you'll get a free quote for installation and delivery based on your location, then choose a date and a delivery time to suit you.

You can end your rental agreement at any time, though we do request two weeks' notice. The unit must be empty on the day of collection.

Where are Storage Drop's flat-pack containers for hire delivered?

Our container hire delivery service covers Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Northamptonshire, Sussex and Warwickshire.

We can serve customers outside those areas who want to hire flat-pack containers, but nationwide delivery and collection will need to be arranged. Call us on 02031 543 127 and we'll sort out all the delivery details.

What can't I store in a Storage Drop container?

There are several items we do not allow to be stored in Storage Drop's containers for hire. They include:

Hazardous and/or Toxic Materials

Stolen Items/Illegal Goods

Full details can be found here.

Shipping Containers for hire vs Flat-Pack storage rental: which is right for me?

Every customer is different but they're all looking for the same thing: quality services at solid prices.

Whether you're hiring one or more of our shipping containers to store your possessions or you're a company in need of a storage solution, we've got shipping containers to meet your every need, for both short and longer-term hire.

Blue Bear Storage offers:

A range of shipping containers for hire at a secure site

Storage containers for hire from 40ft to 60ft in size

Multiple storage containers can be rented

Competitive prices

Ensures homes and/or businesses stay free of clutter

Short, mid or long-term rental contracts available

Storage Drop offers:

Flat-packed storage solutions that we deliver to your house/workplace

Professionally assembled/collected by our team in around 40 minutes

Individual containers for hire from 48 sq ft to 94 sq ft

Multiple containers can be combined, offering flexible storage capacity

Competitive prices

Extends on-demand storage capacity for businesses

So, there you have it. Whether you're need on or off-site storage services, call Blue Bear on 02039 812900 or Storage Drop on 02031 543 127 to arrange a free quote, book your container hire UK or arrange for us to deliver your flat-pack container.

How do I hire a storage container?

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