Great Value Student Storage & Why You Need It

Date 30.03.2021

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There's no doubt that 2020 was a tough year for uni students. Your first year at university should be full of new friends and opportunities. But COVID has made things challenging for everybody. With the continuing success of the vaccination programme, everybody is hoping that September 2021 will bring more normality for this year's intake. We may be a few months away; but, to help you prepare, we thought we'd share three reasons why you might need great value student storage. We have storage facilities in Corby, Buckingham and Petersfield, with more locations coming soon!

1: You no longer have the family garage

So, you may have your head down at uni, but everybody needs a break from work. You'll no doubt want to continue with your favourite hobbies. If you relax by reading or painting, you might be able to keep your hobby equipment in your student room. But if kayaking, canoeing, or windsurfing are your things, it's not quite as easy to make space for the equipment you're used to storing in the family garage. That's where we come in. Studying at Winchester or Chichester? Talk to us about great value student storage in Petersfield. If you're at Buckingham University, we have a storage site just down the road from you. And finally, if you're on campus at Tresham College, talk to the Corby team, and they'll get you set up.

2: Get some headspace

It's a well-known fact that tidiness (or lack of it) can affect your mind and body. So, to foster the right environment for study, you'll need to get your working space shipshape. Cluttered student digs, mean cluttered heads. But we can help you and your housemates settle down for great grades! Talk to us about sharing one of our great value student storage containers. You can split the monthly cost between three or four of you.

3: Make your parents happy

At the end of the university year, you head home to the family and your summer job. While your parents will be delighted to see you, put yourself in their shoes. As you trundle around the corner with your belongings packing every inch of your car, their heart may sink just a little as they think about where it's all going to go and how it will upset the equilibrium of their beautifully ordered home! Invest in some great value student storage and make them happy. After all, happy parents often come with financial benefits.

We have storage sites in Petersfield, Buckingham and Corby, and we're ready to help you find great value student storage solutions. Call 02039 812900 or get an online quote now.

A Student studying thanks to great value student storage solutions in Petersfield, Buckingham and Corby.

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