Great value self-storage and other reasons to party!

Date 06.11.2019

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This month we're looking forward to a very special day in our social calendar. We'll be dusting off our glitter ball, pressing our best bib and tucker and preparing to party. The 16th of November marks "Have a Party with your Bear Day", yes it's an actual day! Read more about this celebrated occasion here. At Blue Bear we don't just offer great value self-storage, we also make perfect party partners! Here's why...

Great value self-storage and other reasons we make perfect party partners:

Who says you can't party on a budget?

Firstly, let's remember that every party planner works to a budget, but that doesn't mean they have to choose between cake and canapes. Similarly, at Blue Bear, we're proud to offer truly great value self-storage without compromising elsewhere. Simply put we have stepped away from the more traditionally recognised self-storage options. By embracing concepts and methods that simplify our offering, we pass savings back to our customers.

Blue Bear bouncers:

If your name's not on the list, you're not coming in! Security is something we take very seriously at Blue Bear. We offer top of the range padlocks which sit under a steel cover for extra protection. All our sites are covered by remote monitored, infrared CCTV and security lighting. They are all securely fenced with movements in and out of the sites monitored. This stringent level of security allows us to provide our customers with great value insurance cover (as well as great value self-storage) for extra peace of mind.

We'll always find room for extra guests:

Finally, we think our partying credentials are enhanced because we make the perfect hosts, welcoming Blue Bear clients with open arms. We pride ourselves on our availability and accessibility. No trudging long distances, balancing boxes while opening doors or navigating lifts with reluctant trolleys. It could not be easier – drive up to the doors, unload or pick up and drive off.

Ever been in a situation where your party guest list grows, and you wonder how you're going to fit everybody in? It can be a bit like that with self-storage... But at Blue Bear, we have you covered. If your storage needs change over time our flexible contracts allow you to grow or shrink your storage requirements as necessary.

At our Buckingham and Petersfield sites, we offer a medium or large container. And at the Corby site, we offer three sizes of container, including our brand new small container.

Contact us now to arrange your great value self-storage... Let's party!

Great value self-storage and other reasons to party!

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