Use your Garage for Good not Garage Storage

Date 10.08.2020

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In the 50s and 60s, a garage was used to store a motor car. Whether you were the proud owner of a Morris Minor or Wolseley, it was essential to keep your vehicle housed. Keeping your motor stored in a garage meant they were less likely to rust and easier to start on cold winter mornings. These days, cars are thankfully more reliable. So, these necessary outbuildings are more often used for general overflow and garage storage.

In fact, most garages are chock full of items that we don't even use on a daily basis. To prove it we're challenging you to a game of garage bingo. See how many of these items you can find in your garage...

  • Christmas decorations
  • A box of old photographs
  • Some electrical appliances you're keeping for spares
  • Toys or clothes that the children have outgrown (but you can't bear to part with)
  • Furniture that you inherited from Great Aunt Mabel
  • A bag of old foreign currency coins (you might need those someday!)
  • Party glasses or equipment that you're saving for the post-COVID days when you can party again
  • Your vinyl collection
  • The double-up kettle, toaster, coffee maker from the days when you and your partner had separate houses. But they're still your spares...
  • And finally, a box of winter ski clothes or your wedding dress!

If you got a full house or even just a line on your Blue Bear garage bingo card, it's time to use your garage for good... Not storage! Let us take care of your garage storage requirements.

Three ways to use your garage for good... Not garage storage:

A home gym to boost performance:

Lockdown has seen a massive rise in the purchase of home fitness equipment. Is your Peloton perched in the corner of your lounge? Does your rebounder require more headroom? Why not free up your garage and convert it into a home gym? Need home gym inspo? Check out this Pinterest board.

A home office to boost productivity:

If you're planning to continue to work from home, reclaim your garage to use as your home office. While it's worth checking with your local planning authority. More often than not, you will not need planning permission if all conversion work is internal and doesn't involve enlarging the space.

Space for the kids to boost (your) sanity:

If several months of home-schooling and lockdown have convinced you that a kid's rumpus room is an absolute necessity, now is the time to reclaim your sanity! As winter approaches and the weather makes it impossible for the kids to play outside, your garage can become a cosy play space!

At Blue Bear self-storage, we offer a range of container sizes across our Petersfield, Buckingham, and Corby sites. Contact us to arrange your garage storage.

Use your Garage for Good not Garage Storage

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