Downsizing Tips – Is 2019 the year to think storage?

Date 07.01.2019

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Are you thinking about selling the family home and downsizing? You're not alone. A growing number of over-55 empty-nesters are deciding to do exactly that. A house move is often stressful, but when you're moving to a smaller home, it can be even more exhausting. You need to work through the practicalities of what items will come with you to your new home, and find homes for things that won't. Nobody wants to end up with a sofa stuck in the sitting room! At Blue Bear Self Storage (in Petersfield and Buckingham) we're here to help. We thought we'd start by sharing our top tips for downsizing.

Top tips for downsizing your home

  • Make a list of must-haves

    When you're thinking about what to take to your new home consider your must-have items. What items make your house a home? Which are the home comforts you really couldn't manage without? Once you know what these are, anything else needs to be gifted, donated, disposed of or placed into storage.

  • Practical makes perfect

    Think practically about what you're going to need at your new home. If you're downsizing to a house with a smaller garden, you might not require all the equipment you've needed to maintain a garden in a family home. If you're moving from a four-bedroomed family home to a two-bedroomed couples home, there will no doubt be furniture that needs to find a new family.

  • Dump the double-ups

    We all have them... Duplicate items! If over the years you've accumulated more glassware than the Ritz, and a saucepan collection Gordon Ramsay would envy. It's time to think about dumping the double-ups!

  • Floor plans are your friend

    When you're house hunting check the floor plans to see whether your current furniture will fit in the room spaces. Bust out the tape measure and record the size of your most significant items of furniture. When you view properties, you can work out whether your three piece suite will need to become two.

  • Downsizing before you downsize

    If you've been living in a family home, you've probably been living with family-sized furniture. Now is the time to think about trading in your American style fridge freezer for something more suitable.

  • Don't say goodbye to your memories

    If your new home is short on storage, you can still hold on to your memories. Our secure units are the perfect solution for all those items you just can't bring yourself to part with. All our containers are clean, dry, ventilated and new when brought to our sites. So whether you're storing boxes of precious photographs, heirlooms you want to hang on to or furniture that you know your married off-spring will need at some point, we can help!

Contact us if you would like to find out more about how we can help you when you're downsizing. We have self-storage facilities in Petersfield and Buckingham.

Downsizing Tips – Is 2019 the year to think storage?

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