Cost-effective storage arrives in Corby

Date 19.08.2019

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If you're looking for cost-effective storage in Corby, then look no further. At Blue Bear, we're delighted to offer the perfect solution. Our brand new 35 sq ft units have just arrived on site. These small(er), yet perfectly formed containers are a great option if you need a little extra breathing space.

Cost-effective storage - 5 uses for our 35 sq ft units in Corby:

Sort out the spare room:

It happens to the best of us... The box room, quite literally becomes the box room. Chock full of books you've read (but know you'll want to read again), CDs you no longer play (but you can't part with, because they include tracks full of memories) and out of season clothes that clutter your closet. As your spare room accumulates more and more 'stuff' it becomes unusable, and it's easier to close the door and pretend it doesn't exist. But, help is at hand! Our cost-effective 35 sq ft units will empower you to reclaim your space. You can have your home office, recover your reading room, work out in your weights room or simply enjoy having a spare bedroom!

Lighten the loft:

If you're lucky enough to have a loft in your home, it's often the first place you'll fill when you start to outgrow your useable space. But, lofts will often get extraordinarily warm in summer and cold in winter. To that end, they are not always the best environment for storing treasured possessions. In contrast, our 35 sq ft containers don't just offer cost-effective storage; they are clean, dry, ventilated and new when brought to our sites. Initially designed to weather the gravest storms at sea, all our containers are watertight, and each one is modified to provide fantastic ventilation which ensures a steady airflow and stable temperature.

Create gaps in your garden shed:

It may feel like it's only just arrived, but summer is unlikely to stick around beyond September. If you're already stressing about how you're going to fit the garden furniture back into your garden shed for winter storage, then contact us. These new small(er) units are the perfect solution. They will happily house your barbecue, loungers and outside dining sets.

Treasure you can't trash:

If like most families, you have boxes full of memories that you simply can't bring yourself to throw away, but are running out of the room to keep them, we can help. Your baby's first booties and treasured teddies will be perfectly safe in our cost-effective storage units.

File your filing:

If you're a small business owner who needs to free up your office space from the burden of cumbersome boxes, we can help. Our 35 sq ft units in Corby make cost-effective storage a reality for your business. Like all of our other sized units, they offer easy access. No trudging long distances, balancing boxes while opening doors or navigating lifts with reluctant trolleys. It could not be easier – drive up to the doors, unload or pick up and drive off. It’s self-storage at its simplest and best!

Are you looking for cost-effective storage? Our 35 sq ft units could be the solution. Contact us to book your space.

Cost-effective storage arrives in Corby

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