With just over a week until Christmas, your preparations are no doubt in full swing. You may have decked your halls and wrapped your gifts, but even if you’re merrily ticking things off your to-do list, there’s no doubt that the fast-approaching festive season can always cause stress levels to rise just a little. At Blue Bear, we can help you find some breathing space with our Christmas self-storage solutions.

Here are four reasons why you may wish to invest in Christmas self-storage.

  • Make room for the family

    Are you concerned that you have the in-laws descending on you over the festive season, but know that your spare bedroom turned into the storage room over the last twelve months? At Blue Bear Self Storage we can help you clear that clutter today! There are just a few simple steps to book and drive right up to your container. We can help make sure your excess belongings disappear from sight faster than the Fairy Godmother helped Cinderella clean the kitchen!

  • Deck the halls, but clear the decks

    Christmas is a time for gift giving. And there’s no doubt that your little treasures will have written their notes to Santa some weeks ago. As your children get older they may grow out of some of the toys they’ve been given in the past. But perhaps you don’t want to discard their first ride-on toy car. Our self-storage containers can help you store those childhood memories. You can pull those treasured possessions out at a future date for the next generation to enjoy.

  • Store the surprise

    Don’t want to run the risk of the little ones discovering Santa’s haul? Bicycles, trampolines and other large gifts can be tricky to hide at home. Invest in some Christmas self-storage and collect your presents from their safe haven on Christmas Eve.

  • The New Year sales are just around the corner

    Extend your Christmas self-storage solutions into 2019! If you have your eye on some new furniture, but know that your old dining table and chairs might come in handy at larger family events in the future. Or perhaps, your second sofa will be useful in the extension you’re planning to complete this year. You can still take advantage of the January sales. There’s no need to trash these treasures. Store them safely with Blue Bear Self Storage.

It’s not too late to organise your Christmas self-storage. As long as we have a container available at our Petersfield or Buckingham sites you are free to move straight in, just complete our licence form and off you go! Contact us today to book your container.