At Blue Bear Self-Storage, our Petersfield, Buckingham and Corby sites remain fully open during Lockdown 3:0. We are, of course, operating within the government guidelines to keep our clients and employees safe. But while lockdown life continues, we thought we would share three ways that temporary storage can help you navigate these tricky times. Read on to discover more…

Happy homeschooling:

Homeschooling is back. This is testing for any parent but thank goodness there are plenty of resources to help you survive your stint as a supply teacher. From the BBC’s Lockdown Learning to P.E. with Joe. If you’re struggling for routine, why not turn the spare bedroom or kid’s TV den into a dedicated learning environment, this could really help with focus. Need somewhere to store the beds, beanbags and chest of drawers? That’s where we come in. If you live close to Corby, our small storage unit may be all you need to clear the decks for concentration. We have different sized storage containers at our Petersfield and Buckingham sites too.

Relaxing Renovations:

We know… It’s two words that you don’t often see together. Because in all honesty renovations can be a pain. But, with foreign travel curtailed and eating out a treat that we can only look forward to in the future, it seems that people are spending their expendable income on home improvements. In fact, just a month ago, we caught up with our friends at Fairland Contractors to share tips on how to choose your builder, read the article HERE.

If you have renovations planned temporary storage can make the situation so much more manageable. Your builders and decorators will thank you for the blank canvas too!

A Blueprint for Reopening Business:

At Blue Bear, we provide temporary storage and long-term options for both residential and business clients. We are pleased to have been home to many a start-up and established business at our Petersfield, Buckingham and Corby sites.

There’s no doubt that many business owners are looking at how they can adapt to changing times, and we can help. Perhaps you need temporary storage for fixtures and fittings so that when the time comes, you can reopen your shop or hospitality premises with extra space for safe social distancing. Or maybe you’ve taken your retail business online and need space to store your stock. Whatever you need more space for, talk to us about cost-effective solutions.

We have sites at Corby, Buckingham and Petersfield and can help you with temporary storage or longer-term options. Contact us HERE.