While COVID-19 may have quashed our desire to dish out hugs indiscriminately… We’re still celebrating ‘Hug a Bear Day‘! As a company that rents self-storage units in Corby, Northants, you may wonder why. So please read on to discover more!

Storage units and hugging bears:

In just over a week from now, we’ll be celebrating ‘Hug a Bear Day’ at our Corby (Northants) self-storage facility. This special day recognises the importance of giving your favourite soft toy a big squishy cuddle. Apart from our name… We have more in common with teddy bears than you might think…

Protective Pals:

As children, our soft toys become our great protectors. Why else would we gather them into our bed as we settle down for the night? Similarly, at Blue Bear, we are fiercely devoted to keeping your belongings safe. Our storage units all come with top of the range padlocks which sit under a steel cover (known as a lockbox) for extra protection. All our sites are covered by remote monitored, infrared CCTV and security lighting. They are all securely fenced with movements in and out of the sites monitored.

Comfortable Familiarity:

Part of the reason we love to hug teddy bears is because of the comfortable familiarity they offer.

At Blue Bear, we offer our clients a service they know they can depend upon. We set up our first self-storage site at Petersfield. After this, we opened in Buckingham. And since then we have established our storage site at Corby in Northants.

We offer tried and tested storage unit rental, offering unbeatable value without compromising on quality. It’s familiarity you can depend upon whichever Blue Bear storage site you choose.

Holders of Memories:

If you have held on to your teddy into adulthood, we suspect it’s because of the memories it holds. Just like your childhood friend, we too can help you hang on to memoirs. Our self-storage units are perfect for keepsake storage. We’ll look after the cherished belongings you may not need at home, but can’t bear to part with.

Are you ready to arrange your storage unit and free (socially distant) bear hug at our Corby, Northants site? Contact us HERE to book.