While it may seem that COVID times offer little good news, it lifts the spirits to see some businesses defying the odds. One sector that seems to be flourishing is that of the micro-business (less than ten employees). And we were delighted to read that some of the areas we call home are reaping the benefits. Wellingborough, Corby and Milton Keynes are among some of the fastest-growing places in the U.K. for micro-business. Our cost-effective self-storage facilities in Corby and Buckingham can help micro-businesses in all these locations. But as a micro-business start-up ourselves, we thought we would share some tips on lessons we’ve learnt on our journey.

Our Bear’s 3 Top Tips for Micro-Businesses:

Know your purpose:

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But defining the reasons for starting your business will help you focus on building your brand. Our purpose was born out of personal experience. With a need for self-storage solutions ourselves, we were aghast at charges in the traditional self-storage sector. We knew that there had to be better alternatives. After some research, we established Blue Bear based on the container self-storage model. Our purpose is simple, to offer our customers cost-effective self-storage, without compromising on quality.

Call in a few favours:

When you don’t have a vast workforce, you might need help from external consultants. Even better if you have friends or business peers that you can call upon to help you during your start-up phase.

At Blue Bear, we were fortunate to be able to count upon Charles Sampson. Charles isĀ an industry-leading business adviser who has worked with many successful startups. You may be interested to read this article from the archives, where Charles shares his expertise to help you grow your business.

Deliver value but know your value:

Delivering value doesn’t always have to be about the lowest price. At Blue Bear, we know that there are other cost-effective self-storage solutions near Wellingborough, Corby and Milton Keynes. While we are fairly confident that we will generally beat other providers on price, we know that we will always offer outstanding service. And, if you don’t want to take our word for it, take a look at our Trust Pilot reviews.

If you’re a micro-business owner in Wellingborough, Corby or Milton Keynes, talk to us about cost-effective self-storage solutions.