Business Self-Storage – Getting back to business:

Date 21.07.2020

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With many companies and sole-traders getting back to business, we thought it would be a great time to remind you how we can help. Container storage is often seen as a solution for domestic self-storage. But, at Blue Bear, we support an ever-increasing number of clients with business self-storage solutions.

Three ways we can help you back to work with business self-storage:

Working from home:

During the lockdown, it's become very apparent that 'working from home' can deliver real benefits for both employees and employers.

If your company is encouraging you to continue to work from home, you may be thinking about more permanent home office solutions.

If you're fighting with the spare bed in a makeshift home office, or need a more professional backdrop for your Zoom calls, it's time to reclaim the guest room as your home office.

Our small or medium-sized containers are the perfect size to store the furniture from your guest room. Small containers are available at our Corby site. Medium containers are available at each of our self-storage sites; Corby, Buckingham and Petersfield.

Cutting Costs:

If your business has spiralling costs but is struggling with reduced revenue, we can help. Ditch expensive warehouse or storage space and consider our container storage options instead.

Both medium and large containers are great for storing stock or office equipment. These sizes are available at each of our self-storage sites; Corby, Buckingham and Petersfield.

Space Management:

To implement safe social distancing measures, many businesses are having to adapt their trading premises. If your office, salon, gym, restaurant or shop is struggling for space we can help.

Our medium or large-sized containers are the perfect options to store excess furniture or equipment when you need to make room for safe practices.

We know we can help you get back to work with business self-storage solutions. There is also an awful lot of support and funding available at a local level from both councils and business organisations. We scoured the Internet so you didn't have to!

Corby Borough Council:

Find all the information about Corby Borough Council's COVID-19 Small Business Grant HERE.

Northamptonshire Chamber:

The Northamptonshire Chamber together with its sister chamber in Milton Keynes, is running a WEEK-LONG virtual event - FESTIVAL OF NETWORKING & SUPPORT. Monday 20th - Friday 24th July. Find out more HERE.

East Hampshire District Council:

If you're based in Petersfield, for details of Coronavirus Business Support visit the East Hampshire District Council website HERE.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce:

The Hampshire Chamber of Commerce have set up a dedicated page on their website with business advice and support. Find it HERE.

Buckinghamshire Council:

If your business is based in Buckingham, check out the Buckinghamshire Council  Coronavirus Business Support Hub HERE.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce:

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has a dedicated page for COVID-19 business guidance. Find it HERE.

Ready to get back to business? Contact us to find the right size container for your requirements.

Business Self-Storage – Getting back to business:

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