Storage Sites & Auction Houses – Buckingham Match!

02 Feb 2020 - posted by James Jackson-Stops

At our Buckingham Storage facility, we’re lucky to have excellent neighbours! PSP Auctions complement our business perfectly. Storage sites and auction houses are a match made in heaven. So, it’s always good to be able to recommend this family business to our clients when the need arises.

Storage Sites and Auction Houses:

It’s a well-known fact that trends come and go. So too do collectables. That’s when storage sites and auction houses can work together.

Clients at our Buckingham storage site may choose to store items where they see the potential future value. Or, they may decide the time has come to pass things on to future custodians.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

There are many examples over recent years where one person’s trash has become another person’s treasure!

In the 1990s, when CDs became the favourite media for listening to music, you couldn’t give vinyl away, nobody wanted LPs. But, in recent years there’s been a considerable surge in demand for this format again. And some original recordings, if they’re in good condition, are very valuable. Switched-on storers will have tucked their record collections behind their ears at their favourite storage site!

Similarly, mid-century furniture has seen a huge revival in recent years. Furniture from brands like GPlan, Ercol and Parker Knoll, grace many a Buckingham pad and can command high prices at auctions.

Even cars that one thought might be relegated to the automobile rust-heap are prone to resurgence. Who’d have thought that a Volvo 240 would be on a ‘one to watch’ list?

Make use of your storage site for future treasure:

Are you looking for the next big thing? Remember, it takes forty to fifty years for items to be considered antique. So, it’s worth hanging on to those Sony Walkmans or first-generation iPods! Anybody who has inherited Great Aunt Mabel’s mahogany will know there’s not much call for heavy brown furniture at the moment. But, we’re a fickle bunch, and at some stage, this style may very well make a comeback.

If you’ve found something in your container at our Buckingham storage site, that you’d like to pass on to its next custodian, we recommend that you always pay the good folk at PSP Auctions a visit.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your future treasure, talk to us about our container options at our Buckingham storage site. Contact us HERE.

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