Blue Bear Self Storage – Let’s talk about bears…

Date 12.11.2018

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It's time for Blue Bear Self Storage to talk about bears...

Over the years there have been many famous bears and childhood friends. There's that lovely little fellow Paddington in his red wellie boots who hailed from deepest Peru. There was the coolest bear in Yellowstone Park, Yogi, known for being smarter than the average bear! And, who could forget Winnie the Pooh? Our honey loving friend taught us to throw sticks from a bridge and race to the other side!

But now there's a new bear on the block and storage is his game...

Of course, we're not the first company to adopt these furry friends as part of our branding, but we thought you might like to know why we made that decision. The answer is simple, like our company, bears have an inherent desire to protect the things they care about.

We are proud of all our bear-like traits, here are a few that we share!
  • Size - Bears are sizeable beasts! A fully grown brown bear measures between 70 and 150 cm high, and is 1.4 to 2.8 m long. Similarly, our containers are all about size. Even our smallest sized container is larger than your average bear. Measuring 2.45m x 3.05m, it can adequately cater for the full contents of a 1-2 bed house or flat. If you have more to store then size up to our large unit.
  • Strength - Bears are insanely strong! You'll be pleased to know that our containers are too! They're also clean, dry, ventilated and new when brought to our sites. The containers we use were initially designed to weather the gravest storms at sea, so, they are, of course watertight. Each one is modified to provide fantastic ventilation which ensures a steady airflow and stable temperature.
  • Protection - We are fiercely devoted to the security of your stored goods. We offer top of the range padlocks which sit under a steel cover (known as a lockbox) for extra protection. All our sites are covered by remote monitored, infrared CCTV and security lighting. They are all securely fenced with movements in and out of the sites monitored.

So now you know the story behind our name and why we pride ourselves on our links to one of nature's largest and most wonderful mammals, the bear!

Contact our team to secure your unit at our Petersfield or Buckingham storage facilities.

Blue Bear Self Storage – Let’s talk about bears…

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