About Us

Blue Bear Storage and the solution to storage outside London

‘Like our namesake Blue Bear has an instinctive desire to protect the things it cares for’

The Background

In 2016 we found ourselves in need of storage space and were amazed at the prices being charged by companies in the traditionally recognised self storage sector. Unaware of other viable options and seeking a quick solution we took the bullet and reluctantly accepted our fate. The experience left us asking, why? Why pay so much and suffer all the associated inconveniences – unloading items on to trolleys, carry items from your car, single handily fighting access doors while balancing boxes, navigating lifts and trudging marathon distances to locker ‘Z’ on the 4th floor?

Intrigued by what other solutions could have been available to us we began investigating alternative storage options and in 2017 Blue Bear Storage was founded – based on the concept of containerised self storage.

We currently offer storage outside London, however we cater to regional and London customers in equal measure – the common draw to all our clients is the significant cost saving.

The company’s mission is to provide unbeatable value to our customers while maintaining the highest quality of service. We do this by focusing on one key point – simplicity – we provide a simple service, for a simple price.

We are now committed to growing people’s awareness to alternative, more cost effective and efficient storage solutions.

First Site

Our first container self storage site started in Petersfield and has grown from strength to strength. Our sites consist of a range of different sized steel shipping containers, all new and specifically modified for the purpose of self storage. The process of renting a container is as simple as calling us, booking it, and then driving up to the doors, unloading your items and driving off. No long term contracts and no hidden nasties just a high level service at a low level price.


Just because providing great value to our customers is our main priority, do not be fooled into thinking that we compromise elsewhere. Security is something we take seriously. We offer top of the range padlocks which sit under a steel cover (known as a lock box) for extra protection. All our sites are covered by remote monitored, infrared CCTV and security lighting. They are all securely fenced with movements in and out of the sites monitored. Our customers are all ID checked. This stringent level of security allows us to provide our customers with great value insurance cover that adds that final little peace of mind.

Our Promise

At Blue Bear we promise to provide market leading value. We are dedicated to pushing new concepts and methods to continue to simplify our offering and subsequently pass savings back to our customers. We are committed to extending our services to cover the requirements of our clients.

We value all of customers feedback so please feel free to leave comments or talk to us directly about your experience, we take it very seriously and try to implement as many ideas as we can.